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Premiere Performances of 'Gilt' by PRISM Quartet

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PRISM Quartet will give the world premiere of Gilt on Sunday 21 January at First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti (MI), USA. Commissioned by the ensemble, the saxophone quartet takes its title (a play on the word 'guilt') from Hew Locke's 2022-2023 facade commission for The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; four super-sized, gold, trophy-like sculptures that were displayed on the front of the building after having taken inspiration from artifacts within the Met's collection, revealing wonderfully curious, unrecognizable, striking objects. Locke describes them as "a facade on the facade," as whilst they look like gloriously opulent, reimagined articles, they are in fact propped up by poles from behind.

Hannah says, "I was drawn to this piece because Locke is actively exploring the undercurrent of a confluence of things. Also, I liked the symbolism of the four saxophones representing each sculpture; two instruments become fragmented with absent mouthpieces in the same way that two of Locke's trophies are broken 'half faces.' Like me, Locke is British and of Guyanese heritage, where gold mining is prevalent and resources are rich. At the same time, it is also a place still affected by its history of slavery, colonialism, and indentureship."

PRISM Quartet will also give performances of the piece on Saturday 11 May at Settlement Music School, (PA), and Sunday 12 May at Symphony Space (NY). 

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